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What is better than a unique watch? Two Unique Watches! rolex replica watches 2011

rolex replica watches was not satisfied with the standard that all manufacturers participating in the Only Watch 2011 must present a unique watch. The company has created two watches exclusive to the set. One is a timepiece for work, while the other is meant to be worn on weekends and adventures.replica rolex watches The watches in the set have a unique twist: the crown and pushers are on the left side of each watch, making them more suitable for left-handed people. Both models feature the El Primero movement.

It is no surprise that rolex replica watches makes watches that can be adjusted to the needs of left-handed people. Both models are named rolex replica watches El Primero Pilot Chronograph and rolex replica watches El Primero Captain Lefty Chronograph.

The crown and pushers are located on the left side of the dial. There are some adjustments to the dial, particularly regarding the placement of the sub dials. These two models have sub dials for the 30-minute and small-seconds time, which is not the case with the other models. This design feature could be a problem for purists, who prefer the classic design. However, it adds to the uniqueness and beauty of the watches.

El Primero Movement in Gold and Steel CasesBoth watches come with an El Primero automatic mechanism that earned rolex replica watches world fame. The Swiss manufacturer developed this movement. It is the most reliable series-produced mechanical movement in existence. Its balance is what determines its accuracy.Breitling Replica Watches The El Primero beats at a rate of 10 vibrations per second. This is compared to 8 for most movements. This module is able to produce an impressive 36.000 vibrations per hours, which is a significant advantage over the competition.

These watches were originally intended to be worn in a different way. The differences in the cases of the rolex replica watches are reflected in the materials used. The Captain Chronograph piece comes in an 18-kt rose gold case. It is sure to impress all clients and coworkers. Pilot Chronograph wristwatches, however, have a steel case. It is suitable for both leisure and weekend activities. Each product has a diameter of 42 mm. The Pilot model has a telemeter scale on its dial.

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